Our Menu

Welcome to Cheesy Stuffed Burgers! We’re excited that you are interested in our unique rendition of the burger and fries. Take a moment to look through our menu and see what looks tasty to you. Enjoy!

Three Cheese Burger

The classic. This delicious half pound, grass fed burger includes our signature marinade at comes stuffed with Cheddar, Monterey Jack, and Swiss cheeses.

Bacon Lover

Bacon, bacon, and more bacon. That’s right, we mix bacon right into the patty with our signature marinade, stuff bacon into the middle along with cheddar cheese, and lay the burger down on a bed of…you guessed it, bacon.

Guacamole BBQ Bacon Lover

The mother lode. This beast of a burger begins as a bacon lover, but instead of ketchup and mustard, we add a thick layer of pure avocado guacamole, and a massive pile of crumbled bacon. Featuring Sweet Baby Rays BBQ Sauce.

Spicy Sriracha Meltdown

This fiery kingpin starts life as a three cheese burger, but then we lay a molten layer of cheese sauce down on the bun, pile on jalapenos, and crank the heat up with sriracha. Also comes with our house blend sriracha mayo.

Skinny (AKA Kids Burger)

Not quite up for the challenge of a half pound burger? The Skinny is the choice for you. It is a quarter pound patty of our top quality grass fed beef, mixed with our signature marinade.

Veggie Burger

Not a carnivore? That’s great, we’ve got an incredible quarter pound chipotle black bean burger for you. And if you wanna treat yourself for eating so healthy, we can always deep fry that veggie patty for you.

French Fries

We use a thick crinkle cut fry. All of our fries come lightly salted and you can have your choice of toppings. We have cheese smothered, bacon cheddar, spicy cheddar with jalapenos and sriracha, and our ultimate fries which are spicy, bacon, and blue cheese crumbles all piled high.


Authentic Bite-size Filipino spring rolls, hand rolled by a REAL Filipino. Made with ground pork, onions, carrots, celery, garlic, eggs, salt and pepper. We pair these delicious crispy deep-fried bites with sweet chili dipping sauce.